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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The "Shooter".

The 2010 Wisconsin firearm season provided quite a thrill for the youngest hunter in our party, thirteen-year-old Paco Castro.
On opening day, the only notable event of our afternoon drives was the third deer down. Paco was in a stand with his dad and grandfather (that’s what deer hunting is all about) and there were drivers coming from the east.
His Grandfather said he saw a pretty big deer and apparently Paco did too as he fired and told his his grandpa that he had connected with the buck, which he did!
The buck ran 50 yards back into the field but no further. Radio communication of a big deer down brought the group together and the buck was found and dragged into the lane for whooping, hollering and pictures.
Paco shot this big guy with one shot with his Remington 770 youth model that was chambered and loaded with 95-grain .243 win. Federal Fusion centerfire ammo.
It was remarked that Paco had taken two deer in his hunting career — each with one shot. At that rate, he may not have to buy another box of shells until he reaches his twenties! We nick-named him “Shooter.” His success made the season for all of us!

by rrusch

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