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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Get Your Buck Scored For The State’s Records Program

In conjunction with AON’s Truck-Buck deer-scoring event on Saturday, April 20, Alabama DCNR folks will be on hand to score racks for its Records of Alabama’s White-tailed Deer (RAWD) program. The RAWD program is open to antlers from all free-ranging bucks legally taken or found dead in Alabama, regardless of the year the deer was taken or found. The minimum scores for the program are 140 typical (net) and 165 non-typical (net). If a deer has been officially scored for Boone & Crockett, Pope & Young or Longhunter’s purposes, sportsmen can bring the official score sheet with their mount to a RAWD scoring session.

The scoring will take place at the Holiday Inn Express in Irondale (Exit 133 off Highway 20) on Saturday, April 20, 2013.

Truck-Buck Scoring: For AON’s contest only, no mounted deer will be accepted. Bring only the rack attached to the skull plate. No racks with split skull plates will be accepted.

Deadline to drop-off a Truck-Buck rack is noon on Saturday, April 20. Racks are defined late at 12:01 p.m. and will not be accepted under any circumstance. This is why you have a three-hour window.

We welcome and encourage all Truck-Buck entrants to have their racks scored. However, please understand that the scoring day is an undertaking for AON and its scorers, and we ask for your patience until we can score your rack and return it to you.

Expect to drop your rack off, leave and come back a minimum of several hours later to pick it up. There is no way to release racks back in any kind of order in which they were received.

To see the competition for the week you’re in, go to You will have to register a user name and password, which is free, before viewing this year’s Truck-Bucks. You can do a search by week.

Entrants are not required to deliver or retrieve their racks in person. However, if the person retrieving the rack is someone other than the entrant, they must show their picture ID and a letter signed by the entrant saying who is picking up the rack. Everyone will be asked to show photo ID during pick-up.

Written By : Brad Gill

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