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Monday, January 7, 2013

Central Flyway Goose Season Closed January 7-8

Waterfowl hunters in eastern and central Montana are reminded that in accordance with state regulations, the goose season in the Central Flyway will close for two days in January.
The Central Flyway goose hunting season runs through Sunday, Jan. 13. However, the goose season in this flyway will close for two days: Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 7 and 8. The Central Flyway duck season closes on Jan. 3. In the Pacific Flyway, the duck and goose seasons both close on Jan. 11 without any breaks in the middle.
In Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Region 6, the Central Flyway includes Blaine, Phillips, Valley, Daniels, Sheridan, Roosevelt, Richland, McCone and Dawson counties. The Pacific Flyway in FWP Region 6 includes Hill and Chouteau counties.
Jim Hansen of Billings, FWP’s Central Flyway migratory bird coordinator, said the international Migratory Bird Hunting Act restricts state waterfowl hunting seasons to 107 days per year. Montana sets aside two of those days for a September youth-only season, leaving 105 days for general duck and goose hunting.
Montana’s general waterfowl season opened Sept. 29. The 105th day would fall on Friday, Jan. 11. However, waterfowl hunters petitioned the FWP Commission to leave the season open for one additional weekend, through Jan. 13. To meet the 107-day restriction, the commission agreed to close hunting for two days in the Central Flyway, then reopen it through the second weekend in January.
Hunters also are reminded that Montana’s migratory-bird hunting hours end at sunset each day – unlike the big-game regulations that allow hunting until half an hour after sunset.
Flyway maps, sunrise and sunset tables, and all waterfowl and migratory bird hunting regulations are available on our website at and at all FWP offices and license dealers. 
Written By: MT.GOV

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