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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Drop Tines in Kansas, Grady Keith

While hunting in northwest Kansas on October 30th, Grady Keith and his hunting buddy knew that this big buck was in the area. The monarch was spotted during the morning hunt, just 90 yards from Keith’s friend, but came no closer.
With the afternoon sit upon them, the pair headed out to the same area where they’d seen the buck earlier. Keith set up 200 yards east of his buddy.
After a long period of seeing nothing, the deer started to get up and Keith spotted the buck off in the distance through thick trees 250 yards away. The buck finally stepped out of the timber and ever so slowly started to make his way to Keith’s stand.
The buck’s slow saunter towards Keith had the hunter’s heart racing as he pondered the possibilities of getting a shot at this magnificent creature. The buck eventually closed within 15 yards. Keith drew back his Mathews DXT and let a Gold Tip Arrow fly. The Muzzy MX-3 found its mark — a clean pass through on a double lung shot!
The buck featured 21-scorable points and five drop tines!
Congrats on a fantastic buck Keith!

by Aaron Decker

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