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Monday, October 17, 2011

Hunter awaits word on deer's champion status

A Johnsburg man who shot a massive whitetail buck Oct. 5 said he will know in two months whether he has a state champion.
Jeff Weber’s arrow that downed the 15-point deer was the first shot he took since taking up archery about a month ago. The rack is “drying” over a required 60 days until official scoring can take place.
“It’s been pretty crazy,” he said, reflecting on the past week. “The phone was non-stop.”
Friends and relatives were calling, but so were writers with outdoor publications.
Weber said people with Outdoor News, Field and Stream and several other magazines have contacted him.
“It was enough limelight for me,” he said of the immediate notoriety.
Weber recalled “the blur” of the day after he shot what is being called the “Weber buck” east of Fond du Lac. He stayed up all night and finally got to sleep around 2 p.m. the next day.
He and friends were at the family business, Pipe Meat Market, where they stored the deer in a cooler overnight.
“We were hanging out at the meat market and they (his mom, Kathy Weber, and others) were coming down there to start work,” he said, laughing about the way they lost track of time. The deer was then loaded onto the back of Weber’s pickup and taken to Dutch’s in Fond du Lac to be registered.
Weber said a taxidermist in St. Peter has begun working on a mount of the deer head.

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