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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moose lottery Saturday at Cabela's in Maine!

Maine's thirty-first moose hunting lottery will be Saturday night.  3,862 permits will be awarded this year. The hunt will generate $1.4 million to the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife .
Department Commissioner Chandler Woodcock says the moose hunting season is most important as a wildlife management tool. "The issue with us is that it's a tool to manage a significant big game animal," Woodcock said, we're fortunate to have that animal in Maine."
After being suspended in 1935, moose hunting began in Maine in 1980. After taking 1981 off, a moose season has been held every year in Maine. 
This year, nearly 50,000 hunters have applied for a license.  In state hunters spend $7, $12, or $22 for one, three or six chances. Out of staters spend $15, $25, $35 or $55 for one, three, six or ten chances respectively.  The hunters are entered into different pools so the odds are slightly different with Maine hunters having about an eight percent chance of being drawn.
Because hunters can purchase additional chances, odds are determined based on "preference points."  A Mainer who has purchased on chance has a one in seventy-six chance.  A hunter who has purchased the maximum six chances and not been selected for thirteen years would have nineteen chances and therefore, a one in four chance of being drawn.
A non-resident who purchased one chance has a one in 416 chance.

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